24 Aug 19 - 09:07
bonnie: Pete ~ Marilyn Horne's voice breaks me up ~

AveD: time for me to sign off...have a peaceful night everyone! Smile *

AveD: Cool

AveD: the crutches will help strengthen your leg muscles

AveD: yes lie down and get that pain some help

AveD: was in the kitchen doing something

AveD: Pete...so glad you got the crutches.

PeteC: if I don't see you again have the best night and that goes for both of you.SmileBeat

PeteC: I will be in touch over the weekend. By the way you will be very pleased to know that I purchased those special crutches that you linked me to and I am going to give them a try.SmileSmile

PeteC: it's always great to have your company , ave

PeteC: it is great to have you back irini.

PeteC: I'm sorry. I had to stop and just leave the computer and go lie down and I won't be able to participate much with you. Of course you and I resume on almost all the issues that we talked about. you are gentle and Natural Soul and this is a wonderful thing.

AveD: of course we refer always to Earth as planet not world

AveD: the actual world (planet) IS beautiful to me.

AveD: the societal world is like that