18 Jun 21 - 10:09
PeteC: I look like some of the petrified trees on some of the album covers.

bonnie: ...humor

bonnie: There is a gentle humour in this Jarrett goodie ~

bonnie: Our Day here is heartbreakingly beautiful...like our Music hereYesSmile

PeteC: Come to think of it, they do look alike.

bonnie: I always imagine that Cecilia Bartoli looks like IrincouSmile

PeteC: Hiya, Ave!!

AveD: good day bonnie & Pete SmileSmile

bonnie: Pete ~ *thumbs up* back to you sirSmilegrin

PeteC: ...and the sun has peeked out of the clouds! Yes

PeteC: What wonderful sounds today!!

PeteC: Bonnie *thumbs up*

bonnie: Our Day here is as beautiful as Bruckner's masterpiece is Cool

bonnie: How art thou, Pete?

PeteC: Yes

bonnie: This^ =^ of Bruckner's is so majestic, one MUST listen!Yes

PeteC: Hi, Bonnie! Welcome and partake!

bonnie: Irini & Pete ~ *waves*

PeteC: HotcupSmileHotcup

irincou: CoolCoolCool

PeteC: Beautiful sounds, this morning. Thank you.

PeteC: SmileHotcup

irincou: SmileSmilepromising

PeteC: The violence in the skies has past - it looks.

PeteC: Smile

irincou: Likewise...

PeteC: Thanks for picking all these up and coming beauties for us to hear while working.

irincou: same here

PeteC: Sorry. Working frantically here.

irincou: SmileSmile