23 Jan 22 - 21:42
bonnie: NIte, All ~ from my new west coast spaceSmileSmilegrinYes**

AveD: have a peaceful night bonnie.. good night! 😊 *

AveD: bye Pete! 😃

PeteC: *deep lurk*

AveD: I will too...on Spotify

PeteC: ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

AveD: have a good rest of your day

PeteC: Bless her soul.

PeteC: May you both enjoy the rest of the queue and I look forward to being with you soon. I will be playing BG tonight for sure.

AveD: thanks again for all of yours

PeteC: Smile

PeteC: And you, too, Bonniiiieeeeee

AveD: and bonnie

AveD: all of my requests were for you

PeteC: I know. That is sweet. I have enjoyed today with you.

PeteC: LaughingLaughingLaughing

AveD: im just joking Pete poorly too.

AveD: don't i meant! i

AveD: oh do

PeteC: I am glad I could share this day with the two of you. Smile

PeteC: I will be getting busy here soon. I have a conference call and then I have visitors.

PeteC: Smile

AveD: thks for all the requests!

AveD: great queue bonnie & Pete Yes-yes

bonnie: Oooo ^^ Hickman makes love to Planel's Music w/his exquisite TrumpetSmilegrin

PeteC: Yes, Bonnie!

bonnie: SmilePete, Kaufmann blows into my soul! thx ~

AveD: really...

PeteC: How time marches on.

AveD: Irini told us...he ran a catering business