13 Apr 21 - 23:56
AveD: good night Attic if you're still lurk working & good night AFM. Smile*

AveD: sorry I missed you bb. hope to see hou again soon. Smile

AveD: I'm also off now...dinner time here.

AveD: have a good night Pete.

PeteC: ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜*

PeteC: I am going to have to sign off. I will see you tomorrow.

PeteC: Best wishes, BB!

PeteC: You are the best.

PeteC: Forgive me. I have to get onto the next group. Thanks for the picks, Ave.

PeteC: Sorry. Work absolutely piled and piled.

AveD: how do you feel today...have any noticeable side effects?

AveD: I'm good bb. and I had my second vaxx shot a couple of weeks ago

beachboy: Smile

beachboy: howss ave

beachboy: fined thx had second virus jab todayh

AveD: hi bb,I hope you are well. Smile

beachboy: hi all

AveD: nes:news

AveD: thanks. I have not been keeping track of that one due to it not being carried on any of my channels, or have I read any nes reports, except yours.

AtticusFinch: Looks like there are 8 stages: https://www.cyclingnews.com/races/presidential-cycling-tour-of-turkey-2021/map/

AveD: how many stages are in that race?

AveD: hi Attic, well thats wonderful about Cav

AtticusFinch: Hey Ave, Cav won stage 3 today! Two in a row Smile

AtticusFinch: Sorry, wnet to doctor appt then had some other stuff to take care of, but now back for some great music Smile

PeteC: I will be eating something pretty soon too.

PeteC: OK, Ave! Smile

AveD: bbs.

AveD: hopefully good goings on, Pete. Yes

PeteC: OK, Ave. Sorry. There is a lot going on out there.

AveD: I'm going to get an early lunch. bbs