17 Oct 17 - 03:52
GalFin: *Orchestra

GalFin: Morning! If it's Sibelius' Kullervo with Minnesota Orcstra and Osmo Vänskä conducting, then I sent it in... (I emailed BQ just now. Forgot to inform earlier, sorry.)

PeteC: Night, AFM! ♥*

PeteC: I sent an email, BQ. Thanks for your help on that last update, which is just awesome!

PeteC: Hope everyone is well in the home. Smile

PeteC: Hi, BQ. Sounds like BOnnie. I can email and ask.

BuyerQueen: We received a 2cd set of Sibelius today with no note and I can't find an email about it. If you sent it in, please email me, thanks.

irincou: SmilegrinSmilegrin

AtticusFinch: Goodnight to you, Irini... steal the night Smilegrin

irincou: LaughingLaughingGoing to bed too...

AtticusFinch: G'nite BB!

beachboy: NIGHT ATTIC

AtticusFinch: perhaps I'm alone!

AtticusFinch: or perhaps everyone is gone for the day...

AtticusFinch: Perhps Irini is gone for the evening...