18 Jan 20 - 00:25
beachboy: hi all

Sockenfussel: time for me to go to bed soon. Have a nice day, bonnie!

bonnie: goodSmilegrin

Sockenfussel: oh the journey there is fun already

bonnie: You will find it! Show us when you do, SockYes

Sockenfussel: Oh no problem, bonnie. I'm still trxying to find my own way, my voice and my style. So I practice as much as I can and I experiment with different styles and formats and colour schemes

bonnie: Sock, your art is so varied! Thanks for letting us see some of itYes

stevenskaggs: what was that gymnopedies V about 10 minutes ago. I thought Satie wrote three?

Sockenfussel: no pressure, petes...

PeteC: Sorry I have not been able to visit. Looks great from the glance. In market situation. I will try and bbs.

Sockenfussel: Just in case you're wondering what I'm up to Wink

Sockenfussel: https://www.instagram.com/elinorbrushwater/

Sockenfussel: hey Petes

PeteC: *waves from lurk*

Sockenfussel: She's finding herself and it's beautiful to see