06 Jul 22 - 14:38
AtticusFinch: Enjoy, Aliq!

aliquantus: Just getting ready to run out for a minute for lunch

aliquantus: Hello!

AtticusFinch: Hello AFM Smile

aliquantus: Lurking

aliquantus: afk

aliquantus: Must be vacation time!

horizon: Good morning AFM!Smile

Bonnie: Sir Arnold Bax...a gifted Nature Lover

Bonnie: "The Happy Forest". Yes

Bonnie: ...Cantelina!

Rclsausalito: Good night, Bonnie. Iím signing off early. Today was a chemo day and Iím beat. See you tomorrow!

Bonnie: ..."Cantina"

Bonnie: LOVE this "Catelena" so very much, RclBig eekYes

Bonnie: Indeed! Fun!YesCool

Rclsausalito: Itís one of my top ten favorites!

Bonnie: Rcl, The de Falla "Miller's Dance" convinces me we are almost identical in our tastes!Big eek

AveD: lunchtime here..enjoy SAM!

AveD: Frankly, I could write a memoir

AveD: me too..*deeper lurk*

AveD: yes we go on. regardless...

PeteC: *deep lurk*

AveD: I have chores and the facilities are calling me......Smilegrin

PeteC: Great! Ciao, bela!!

PeteC: We go on, Ave; no matter what.

AveD: I will watch it later. promise

PeteC: Better than the alternative.

PeteC: Think of being here and chatting with someone.

AveD: see you later Pete. try to be serene and don't worry so much. ok?

PeteC: Smile