08 Aug 20 - 09:58
bonnie: Jungen ^^ Mad, Ecstatic Organist SupremeLaughingLaughing

bonnie: Ooops; thought I was in google!

bonnie: Ketoconazole

PeteC: ♥*

PeteC: Thanks for the music.

PeteC: One thing led to another.s

PeteC: I am sorry, again. I had a surprise visitor.

AveD: It time for me to sign off. I'll see you tomorrow. have a pleasant rest of your day & a restful night. *waving goodbye* Smile *

AveD: thanks for all your picks bonnie. what a nice day here, hearing all of them.

bonnie: ...as is this of Raut's ~

bonnie: This ^^ N.M. is so full of longing!

bonnie: Good, Ave!Smile

AveD: well I switched the listening modes and now its okay. whew

AveD: lots of blips and gulps in it.

AveD: this recording sounds like its been corrupted. ^

PeteC: Rolling eyes

AveD: bbl

AveD: can't hear the music with that noiise across the street. having the driveway completely re-paved. sheesh

AveD: *lunchlurk*

AveD: lunchtime for me

PeteC: Smile

bonnie: ^^Only Tschaikovsky could run down an octave w/such skillYes

PeteC: Big eek

AveD: whyyyyy. I can't hear my music!

AveD: noisy suburbia..the neighbors across the street are having their driveway dug up.

AveD: Night Sounds was all I listened to during my "dark night of the soul".

AveD: the theme song of one of my very favorite radio programs. Night Sounds

AveD: beau soir means beautiful evening ^^

PeteC: LaughingLaughingLaughing

AveD: join the club! Laughing