28 Jun 17 - 15:10
beachboy: hi all

PeteC: ♥*

PeteC: Well, I am going to prepare making early lunch just to be sure all is done. I may be back. Have a great day/night, if I do not see you.

PeteC: CoolSmilegrinSmileRazz

PeteC: Laughing

PeteC: For blood pressure, I just listen to Bossa Nova a little and things calm down.

PeteC: We'll see.

PeteC: I am at my present setting which stepped up in response to the last big episode of pain. Again, I have been OK since.

PeteC: My daughter was here, last night and I had her look at the wounds. We cleaned them up and they look good.

PeteC: I had a bad weekend. Dizzy spells and big pains but I have been OK for the last 24 hours.

PeteC: We go to the hospital and they are all going to look at me.

PeteC: Unusual time and unusual events taking place.

PeteC: Back. Sorry to have been away. Been busy setting them up for the rest of the day in the markets.

PeteC: Under torrential rains, right now.

PeteC: Beat