13 Dec 18 - 23:54
bonnie: ^^super accompanimenetfor Renee here^^e

bonnie: YesI do, dear heart!Smile

PeteC: Wink

PeteC: *take everything he says with a grain of carbon*

PeteC: Many blessings. ♥*

PeteC: Well, I have done all this little machine allows. I am going to leave you all to what I hope is a great night for you.

PeteC: Smilegrin

PeteC: As per instruction.

bonnie: That would be excellent! Makes us live fully Right Now!

PeteC: You will not feel a thing.

bonnie: *over it all; durn ~

PeteC: It will be seconds.

bonnie: We won't even get to carry on o; durnver it all

bonnie: Ew! CarelessUpset

PeteC: We will be like the mammoths of Siberia.