19 Aug 18 - 07:50
PeteC: *deep lurk*

PeteC: If I miss you guys, have the best!!

PeteC: OK, Ave! Smile

AveD: *bbl

AveD: my daughter got out early from work so I'm going to chat with her for a little while. I'll bbl. I still have the music playing. *waves to SCV* hi !

PeteC: Dead

PeteC: SAM double whammy! Big eek

PeteC: *speaker malfunction*

PeteC: Dead

PeteC: Rolling eyes

PeteC: I sure hear this oboe, though... Big eek

PeteC: I cannot hear my neighbors. The central air is louder than I like but it is much, much better. When I get out on the patio, it really will be good for me.

PeteC: Here, it is MUCH better, with the modern building codes requiring more insulation.

AveD: *lunchtime for me* bbiab

AveD: I was alone because my husband worked on the second shift. he missed all that fun.