24 May 17 - 17:28
PeteC: Smile

AtticusFinch: Smile

PeteC: http://tinyurl.com/kag9kg4

PeteC: They just won it after a long fractured season and this week, with the tragedy - they wore black armbands.

AtticusFinch: Yes

PeteC: Something for Manchester.

PeteC: Manchester United Europa League Champions.

AtticusFinch: Amazing!

PeteC: You should see the battery. We do not know where it will go but it gets re-charged every night by a pad placed over the skin.

AtticusFinch: Anything that will make you more mobile! (that is, with less/little pain)

PeteC: It is fascinating approach and it works.

AtticusFinch: I am happy for you, Pete. Smile

PeteC: It is the best I could have hoped for.

AtticusFinch: So, not too long from now...

PeteC: Yes. They took the wires out. Felt strange.