19 Apr 19 - 08:16
horizon: SmileHot CupHot CupSmile

irincou: CoolCoolCoolMerhaba Horizon!!!

horizon: Good morning irincou, rcl!SmileSmile

irincou: I need this music to calm

irincou: I have a headache caused by a prolonged phone call

irincou: Here at last listening...

irincou: hello

irincou: SmileSmileSmile

PeteC: .

PeteC: .

PeteC: While in Spain, I spoke to many older people about what they could recall... Sad.

PeteC: It is a dark film and about a dark time.

PeteC: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0457430/

PeteC: Pan's Labyrinth!!

PeteC: *thinking*