23 Apr 18 - 19:06
PeteC: ♥♥**

PeteC: *waves*

AveD: good night! Smile *

AveD: I'll see you tomorrow after I do a few errands early in the morning...my best time for energy

AveD: yes thank you and you have the same. an easy work load and a good night!!

PeteC: Have the besteSST night! Big grin

PeteC: OK, Ave. Thanks for your great picks and company. I am charting away and will have to get my dinner going.

PeteC: You said it, Ave!! Yes

AveD: & then after that dinner time & I have no idea on what I feel like eating.

AveD: well Pete I see that its time for Lily's stuff so I have to be afk

AveD: I find comfort in being close to human beings whom I like or love. don't we all?

AveD: back off!

AveD: some people like it. those that tail gate or stand so close to you in the grocery store check out line.

PeteC: I understand.

AveD: I find no comfort in being so close to another human thing.