20 Apr 24 - 18:17
bonnieb: Brahms was a big guy, but not as big as his MusicSmile

bonnieb: I woner who the soloist is in #5Smile

Aliquantus: Have a good weekend all!Yes

bonnieb: Laughing

Aliquantus: LvB had... issues.

bonnieb: ...Brahms, too Smile

bonnieb: I think JSB was an ecstatic mystic, expressing his Soul in the notesSmile

bonnieb: I speak of LvB, of course!

bonnieb: The power behind his Music says YESYesLaughing

bonnieb: ^^ I wonder if he had a temperYesSmilegrin

bonnieb: Right on!Yes

Aliquantus: Music is timeless. We listen to music that was written 1oo, 200, 400, 500 years ago as well as last month.

bonnieb: Yes

Aliquantus: 100 years? Timeless.

bonnieb: s 100+ ys ago!

bonnieb: Lordy ~ that

bonnieb: G Gershwin is so 20's...1920'sCool

bonnieb: Hello,fellow classics addictYes

Aliquantus: Hi Bonnie!

bonnieb: Hi Aliq ~ Nice Q!

Aliquantus: Morning AFM. Starting on page 15 of albums today for song selections.

Aliquantus: SleepingHotcup

horizon: SmileHotcup

Aliquantus: I'm awake!Yes

AtticusFinch: Hotcup

Aliquantus: HotcupSleeping-

horizon: Smile

Aliquantus: See you in the morning!

Aliquantus: Smile

AtticusFinch: Very nice musical lineup ya got there, Aliq Smile