21 Oct 18 - 14:24
bonnie: They're the best kind, Miss I ~ What is it?

irincou: I am reading a book this summer that pushes the kind to think a lot...

irincou: Just wrote itCool

bonnie: Hi blossoming treeSmile

irincou: Actually the weather is cm now .. Warm

blossomingtree: Laughing

bonnie: Thanks, Ave ~ I'm blowing in & out of here like our local wind!Laughing

blossomingtree: hi, aved, same to you!

AveD: hi bonnie & blossomingtree Smile happy weekend to you both

blossomingtree: thanks, bonnie

bonnie: Hey over there, PeteSmile

bonnie: Good Coffee, blossom

blossomingtree: Hot Cup

blossomingtree: Laughing

blossomingtree: howdy, bonnie