25 Oct 20 - 20:45
PeteC: Smile

bonnie: Pete, you are my Appalacian Spring!Yes

PeteC: It is a weird time of the month and season.

PeteC: I hope you are better, Bonnie.

bonnie: Bye, Attic! See you in a jiffy ~

AtticusFinch: Get well, Bonnie! Time for me to go... see y'all later! Have a GREAT weekend! Smile

PeteC: I hope you feel better, Bonnie.

bonnie: bb in a bit ~

bonnie: I take it that's a yesCareless

PeteC: Sad

bonnie: ewww

bonnie: Eh? vomiting?CarelessBig eek

PeteC: ...but expelling is the best thing.

PeteC: *thing

PeteC: This will not sound like the best hing...

bonnie: ? sorry; this is the wrong siteRolling eyes

bonnie: home remedies for nausea

PeteC: Smile

bonnie: Thanks! I'm back ~

PeteC: Reboot. I think a power off and on.

bonnie: Pete, my Sonos won't connect me to AFM ~ any suggestions?

PeteC: Talented bunch.

PeteC: ^ These guys are good!!

PeteC: Hori is the best!

horizon: SmileSmileSmile

AtticusFinch: Thanks for all the wonderful picks, Horizon! Have a great weekend!

PeteC: Smile

PeteC: I hope you have a great weekend!!

PeteC: Thanks, Hori for staying the extra!!!

horizon: YesSmile Have a nice day & weekend!SmileSmile