28 Sep 21 - 02:37
horizon: Hello Rcl!SmileSmile

horizon: Good morning AFM!Smile

Rclsausalito: Pete: you’ve been on my mind today. I hope your ‘miseries’ have lightened a bit and you’re feeling less pain.YesBig eekYesBig eek

konan: HiSmile

PeteC: Thanks, again! Have the best!

AtticusFinch: Great music today! Luch now, then chores, back tomorrow. Smile

PeteC: Thanks again, Attic - for your help in the queue, which has been just great - thanks to you.

PeteC: Smile

AtticusFinch: Absolute perfection Smile

AtticusFinch: Moooooooooon!

PeteC: Ronniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

PeteC: Thanks, Attic!!

PeteC: It's just you and me.

AtticusFinch: My pleasure!

PeteC: lovely, Attic!!

PeteC: Thanks for your help with the queue today, Attc.


PeteC: Smile

AtticusFinch: https://bit.ly/3idJEmt

PeteC: This is a great one, Attic!

PeteC: This is one of my favorite arias from Butterfly.

PeteC: Jonas really is a talent. I love his voice (his range).

AtticusFinch: I too am hoping, praying, for a good report!

PeteC: No word yet.

AtticusFinch: You have gone through so much, and now this.

PeteC: Hoping the pathology is favorable.

AtticusFinch: Pete *sigh*

PeteC: Yeah Rolling eyes

AtticusFinch: Big eekBig eekBig eek

PeteC: The log will fill you in on things as they stand.