23 Oct 19 - 05:49
horizon: Good morning AFM!Smile

bonnie: quantuum aspects of the bee waggle dance

bonnie: ^^Renee's Voice: w/Korngold ~ breaks my heart so wonderfullySmileSmile

AtticusFinch: Ooh, and Bonnie is in there too!

AtticusFinch: Enjoying the IriniAveque!

AtticusFinch: Oh, I'm still here, just too busy with work Rolling eyes

irincou: LaughingLaughingLaughing

bonnie: Aww...I hope we didn't scare Attic off ~ Laughing

bonnie: SmileSmile

AveD: I'll play it again when it clears

bonnie: I faved itYes

AveD: hi bonnie Smile well I missed that one with the Eng horn once again. Rolling eyes

bonnie: Ave, this ^^ w/the mournful English horn is one I've not heard before & I like it alotSmile

irincou: YesYesYes

AtticusFinch: Smile