06 Apr 20 - 16:38
irincou: BeatBeat

don9992: Mambo!

AveD: *lunchlurk*

AveD: This Bruch is sublime ^

AveD: This Bruch is sublime ^

AveD: off to get a bit of lunch will bbiab.

AveD: hi to all and hope you are well.

AveD: I like it a lot too, bonnie

bonnie: LOVE the brown bird singing, Ave Smile

bonnie: Where's The Attic, I wonder ~

irincou: YesLaughing

bonnie: prison

bonnie: A nice preson, indeed, AFM ~ Smile

bonnie: I can tell by our online list that we're all "confined" YesLaughing

irincou: You better do!! I am VERY interested in the outcome of such an attempt!

don9992: I'll let you know when I have a URL for it, Irini

irincou: Hello to all!

irincou: That is cool Don!!

irincou: CoolCoolCoolCool

don9992: The Philly Pops Festival Chorus members just submitted videos to create a virtual choir performance. They're being compiled at this time.

bonnie: My embouchure breaks down after 5 mns, but that will change, of courseSmilegrin

bonnie: Iit's a Loree & I only need a new swab (otherone must've died)Smile

bonnie: Don, I took it up at 43, plaing for 30+ years, & am going back to it at age 78Rolling eyesLaughing

don9992: How long has it been, Bonnie?

bonnie: Hey don ~ I've gone back to playing my oboe! Might as wellSmilegrin

don9992: Loving this Genesis album! I'm a huge fan of theirs

don9992: I have a lot of time to grill and smoke food now so we are eating very well lately

horizon: SmileSmile

bonnie: horizon, thanks for your super & varied Q !!!

bonnie: ...at least I think that's what it isCool