07 Dec 22 - 10:52
AveD: good morning everyone Smile

PeteC: ❤️🧡💛💚

Aliquantus: Hello folks. I have meetings today from 9 until 4, so I'll be lurking all day.

PeteC: Getting busy here. Welcome, Aliq!

PeteC: Wishing you the best, Hori!

horizon: Good morning PeteC!SmileSmile

PeteC: Welcome back, Hori! Smile Hotcup

PeteC: I am lurking here trying to finish things up for the morning. Thanks for the queue, Hori and I will try and help.

PeteC: That is bittersweet news, I am sure but I know AFM will be glad to have you back Smile

PeteC: Hi, Hori and Irini! May you have a great day!

irincou: I miss you too really!! It has been a very busy time!!

irincou: LaughingLaughingI am !!! Indeed!

horizon: I wish you a good flight!Smile

horizon: you are also "Ma" in AFM!!Laughing

horizon: Hurrah, we missed you!SmileSmile

irincou: Yes I am flying to Athens tomorrow

horizon: Are you still in the UK?

horizon: Kalimera irincou!SmileSmile

irincou: SmileSmilemerhaba Horizon!

horizon: Good morning AFM!Smile

Bonnie: ...at its zenith!

Bonnie: Glass:minimalism it its

Rclsausalito: I know it’s a long piece but I find it exhilarating…

Bonnie: It's a gass!LaughingYes

Bonnie: LOVE this Glass!!! Ot

Rclsausalito: Thanks, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Rcl, love your Q; I'd have chosen these if you hadn't!Yes

PeteC: It's gotten very busy. SAM at the helm.

PeteC: Thanks, again, Hori!! Smile

PeteC: *waves east to Hori*