28 Jan 21 - 05:58
horizon: Good morning AFM!Smile

PeteC: ♥*

PeteC: You too, Ave!!

AveD: Have a good night Pete! see you tomorrow. Smile *

AveD: almost 5 pm here

AveD: almost time for me to leave

AveD: n p Pete Cool

PeteC: *explanations

PeteC: I am so sorry. Things have just piled on today with the large scale movements. All good for us but others want expanations.

AveD: bye Attic, enjoy the rest of your day. Smile

AtticusFinch: End of work day for me... see y'all tomorrow! Smile And thanks for the great music!

AveD: brb- outside chore

AveD: Just now ordered a bouquet for my next door neighbor in the hospital. Hope it brings her a little cheer anyway. She's 82.

AveD: Kaska! SmileCool

AtticusFinch: Teo Smile http://adagio.fm/modules.php?name=Req&asin=B0155UAD0G&songID=25806

AtticusFinch: The Red Pony Smile http://adagio.fm/modules.php?name=Req&asin=B000002A2O&songID=22546

AtticusFinch: Pete & Ave are the BEST Smile

AtticusFinch: Tollllga! Smile http://adagio.fm/modules.php?name=Req&asin=B0067ENYVU&songID=24556

AtticusFinch: Fairy Doll Smile http://adagio.fm/modules.php?name=Req&asin=B000260QDS&songID=11559

AtticusFinch: Doesn't need to be Christmas to enjoy The Nutcracker Smile http://adagio.fm/modules.php?name=Req&asin=B000H7VIJI&songID=16140

AveD: lunchtime for me, will bbiab

AveD: Smile

AtticusFinch: Another Gillis Smile http://adagio.fm/modules.php?name=Req&asin=B0000UJL8M&songID=8842

PeteC: Anyway, it looks like I can settle for lunch.

PeteC: Interview and just public stuff.

PeteC: Sorry. It has been insane in the markets. We are OK. It is just that people need explaining/description to.

AveD: SmileSmileSmile

AveD: just keep posting your links Attic. thanks

AveD: am worn out now. Rolling eyes

AveD: I