30 Mar 17 - 00:50
PeteC: ♥*

PeteC: Night, Bonnie and Jbar!

bonnie: Me too ~ **

PeteC: OK, Ave! Thanks for the picks and company!!

AveD: alrighty its time for dinner. Have a goodie night everyone! sweet dreams later too. good night! Smile *

PeteC: So passionate.

PeteC: Perfection, Bonnie. Yes

bonnie: Check out this oboe solo Smile

bonnie: YEAH!!! ^^Yes-laughs*claps*

PeteC: Even the samba won't get her up.

PeteC: I think she is fast asleep by now.

jbarta: but maybe she will return to us.

jbarta: guessing she's sleepin now.

bonnie: I crave it as well Yes

PeteC: Beat