27 Sep 23 - 16:58
Aliquantus: Lurking

Aliquantus: Time for a meeting or two.

horizon: SmileHotcupHotcupSmile

Aliquantus: Morning folks

horizon: Good morning AFM!Smile

Aliquantus: Until tomorrow...

Bonnie: Many Thanks foe all of your good wishes, folks ~ xoxo antb

Aliquantus: Happiest of birthdays Bonnie!

Aliquantus: Argh! Flamma Flamma!

AtticusFinch: Hi, Aliq Smile

Aliquantus: Hello Atticus


AtticusFinch: Ah yes, your wonderful meetings Laughing

Aliquantus: Tried to pick some Bonnie favorites before I get stuck in my meetings.

AtticusFinch: Here, with my coffee Hotcup

Bonnie: I'm off to breakfast downstairs & will miss your perfect Q; bbl**

Bonnie: Thank you, Aliq ~ I feel as if we are old (heh heh) friends!SmilegrinYes

MorG: Greetings Programs

Aliquantus: Morning folks!

horizon: SmileSmile

Aliquantus: See you in the morning.

horizon: Hello Ali, Thank you!Smile

Aliquantus: Morning all. Nice Q Hori!

horizon: Good morning AFM!Smile

Bonnie: We're all doing it, At ~ Smile

AtticusFinch: Tuesday?! What was I thinking? ... today is Friday! Rolling eyes

AtticusFinch: SmileHotcup Happy Tuesday!

Aliquantus: Cool

horizon: SmileHotcupHotcupSmile

AtticusFinch: HotcupSmile