19 Feb 19 - 15:38
PeteC: It is actually called Engineering Catastrophes.

PeteC: If it interests you and George and you can't see it there, let me know.

PeteC: Fascinating. Yes

PeteC: There was a show on Pisa.

PeteC: Some of the projects are just astronomical in price and how they can affect so many people in the most profound ways...

PeteC: *their needs

PeteC: Amazing how these things can happen - people not looking closely at what they are working with, their need etc.

PeteC: Stuttgart have sunk billions into a train project and it just cannot work.

PeteC: Sinkholes and more. Unreal.

PeteC: In Germany, the issue they are having has to do with what they have built on.

PeteC: I have his favorite tea.

PeteC: I will have a much better connection/speed.

irincou: YesYes

PeteC: I am making tea for him.

PeteC: This will be much better than what I had.